Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting
Energy is valuable. It is what keeps the world going. As more and more enterprises adopt smart methods to save energy, lower will be their carbon footprint, and higher the savings. Achieving true operational efficiency needs grassroot level changes in implementing efficient processes and systems across every aspect of business.

While enterprises can benefit from savings in electricity bills, civic authorities will benefit from the ability to implement and manage street lighting in a much more efficient and cost-effective way. Smart lighting solution will minimise disruption in service, allow prompt servicing and centralised governance and orchestration of street lights that are spread across cities.

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Use Cases


With the power of our LoRa® technology, city managers can maintain remote access and control over street lights across the city.


When safety is paramount and energy efficiency critical, use our Smart Lighting solution to dim your street lights - reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your students feeling secure. Additional tamper alerts deter against theft or vandalism and protect your asset investments.


Smart Lights solution
Intelligent lighting
Tata Communications IoT Smart Lighting Case study - JUSCO




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