The Employee Health and Safety watch monitors a worker’s body vital stats and work environment. This feature rich device is capable of two way alerts between the employees and supervisors, automated attendance, location tracking and geofencing. Strategically placed beacons in enterprise facility gather and seamlessly transmit data from the devices via the LPWAN network to the device management platform to create actionable insights.

Network & Platform
Tata Communications' IoT Network enabled by LoRaWAN® & Tata Communications IoT Platform

Key Features

Product Details

  • Specifications
  • Application


Heart Rate Monitor


Immobility Trigger

Yes, in 4 minutes immobility

Fall Detection

Yes (Free fall alert threshold of 3 ft)


Magnetic charging cable, charger, manual

Display Type



1 year

Temperature Sensor

Yes (-10 to 70 C)

Battery Life

20 hours

Product Certification





  • SoS   

SoS/ Panic Button Press event shown at the top of the application.The notification with employee details (name, id, dept. etc.) will be shown in any page of the application. Supervisor can acknowledge the notification and acknowledgement is sent back to operator.

  • Automated SMS

Upon completion of shift, operator and safety supervisor can receive SMS on his health condition such as heart rate and skin temperature based Modified Early Warning Scope (MEWS) range.

  • Site Configuration

Application has ability to define and modify sites, map beacons define zones and integrate with map images.

  • Custom Rules Management

Application has ability to define custom rules to perform specific actions within system, based on events and alerts.

  • User Management

This functionality will allow access to the application post LDAP authentication. Each user will be assigned a role and hence a set of permissions to use the application.

  • Asset and Inventory Management

This functionality will enable to manage the inventory of all assets (beacons and wearables) at store room level. These devices will be further managed individually as assets for their complete life cycle management.

  • Logs and Data Management

This functionality will manage housekeeping of key transactional entities within the application.

  • Reports and Dashboard (MIS)

Various dashboard & reports will be provided to various users to understand current operations and monitoring and various views on analysis and trends on employees and surrounded infrastructure.


Seller Details


Tata Communications IoT

Tata Communications

This product belongs to Tata Communications India IoT Business Unit. To know more, click here.

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