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  • Wireless Door Magnetic Sensor : WDMS-LR


It is a battery operated Wireless Door Magnetic Sensor (WDMS) based on 865 MHz wireless LoRa® technology. The sensor’s embedded LoRaWAN®  Class A protocol enables seamless connectivity to any LoRaWAN® compliant network infrastructure, helps in unauthorised entry detection in homes, offices, warehouses, factories etc.

Network & Platform
Tata Communications' IoT Network enabled by LoRaWAN® & Tata Communications IoT Platform

Key Features

Product Details

  • Specifications
  • Application


LoRa Device Class


Sleep Current

15 uA


3V, 1550mAH


86mm x 51mm x 22mm (LxWxH)


Magnetic Reed Switch Sensor

Optional Feature

Relay output on door open.

Operating temperature

0℃ to +50℃




The application depicts a dashboard screen by default with current status and hierarchy level of the devices with information to enable the user to understand which devices are active, in working condition and recently used. The user can thus check the total devices plugged-in, count of devices in active mode and count of devices in inactive mode. The user can also check the count of active devices in working and nonworking condition. In addition to this, device battery status monitoring with count of devices under each mode can also be done to ensure every device is in working order. A current status of devices with information of door open/ close information and open time interval is also available to check which doors were opened along with a timestamp. This can also be exported to excel.

Seller Details


Realty Automation

Realty Automation & Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

RASS is acclaimed by technocrats (Alumni of IIT Mumbai) for providing reliable electronic safety, security, surveillance and automation solutions. After pioneering the concept of Wireless Alert, RASS has developed several systems that continue to operate in the field for our satisfied customers.

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