Load Protect IAN-1.0 LoRaWAN®  is a very accurate load protection device with a built-in ON-OFF switch. The device measures the electrical parameters and will protect your load from poor power quality and high temperature. The data is sent to the Gateway using LoRaWAN®, a modulation technology that enables long-range communication. This device is specifically developed for air condition protection in Hospitals, Government, Residential and Commercial buildings, etc. It can also be installed on any 'Single Phase' loads for its protection


Network & Platform
Tata Communications' IoT Network enabled by LoRaWAN® & Tata Communications IoT Platform

Key Features

Product Details

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Power Supply

85 - 280V AC, 45 - 65 Hz

Power Consumption

<3 VA (230 V AC/ 50 Hz)

Temperature Input

Temperature -50 to 120 C (Semiconductor Type Sensor Probe)

Load Output Voltage

85 - 280 V AC, 45 - 65 Hz

Switching Current Rating

30 AMPS (Max)

Accuracy Class

Class 1.0


True RMS, 1 sec update time.

Voltage Measuring Range

50 - 500 VLN

Current Measuring Range

0.2 - 35 AMPS. (Burden 0.2 VA Max)

Operating Temperature

0 - 55 C

Battery Backup

Holds device ON condition for 10 Sec after power fail

Module Dimensions

108 mm (W) x 73 mm ( H) x 59 mm (D)


Flame Retardant White/ Gray Colour, DIN Rail Mounting

Operating Temperature

0 - 60 C




  • Single phase load protection application in Hospitals, Government,residential & commercial building. Example: air conditions application.
  • This device is specially developed for air condition application in hospitals & also can be used for other similar applications.

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ASG Electronics

We are one of a leading companies in design and development of embedded projects, custom-built controllers for door automation systems, building management systems, machine tools industries and chemical industries all over India.

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