Tata Communications LoRa® based smart light control solution enables organisations and communities to create efficient smart environments. The solution allows enterprises and authorities to reduce their operational overheads, environmental footprint & improve service levels by orchestrating individual street lights remotely, through a smart controller, cloud-based IoT platform, and our IoT network. 

Network & Platform
Tata Communications' IoT Network enabled by LoRaWAN® & Tata Communications IoT Platform

Key Features

Product Details

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Device Features

On/Off, Dimming & Metering


DxH: 114mm x 114mm

Connection Type

Connector , Non-NEMA: 6 wire interface (P, N, E, Load Out, Dimming +Ve, Dimming -Ve)

Metering Accuracy:

Class 1 as per IEC62053-21 mentioned in IS13779

Surge Protection

4 KV ( NEMA), 10 KV ( Non-NEMA)

IP Rating

IP65 integrated with NEMA LED light


Warranty of 1 year against all manufacturing defects




  • Individual Lamp Monitoring & Control: ON/OFF/Dimming/Metering.
  • Mode of Operation: Lux Sensor Mode, Manual Mode, Schedule Mode.
  • Grouping of lights to have multicast communication.
  • User Credential for monitoring, remote operation, and configuration.
  • Provision to preload GPS coordinates for each lamp (lat/long).
  • Data from the controller at the configurable interval: on-demand or 15 min to 1 hour.
  • Monitor: Near Real-Time Status of On/ Off, Dim (%), Energy Meter Value Voltage (V), Current (A), Power Factor (PF), Active Power, On-Off Time, Status of Lamp.
  • Alert Configuration: Configurable threshold and restoration from application for following.
  • Parameters - Mains & Load Failure, Metering Alerts: V, I, PF, Active Power Alert.
  • Reports: Energy Savings, On/ Off Report, Alert Log Report, Device Metering Report. Reports can be scheduled to be delivered via emails.

Seller Details


Tata Communications IoT

Tata Communications

This product belongs to Tata Communications India IoT Business Unit. To know more, click here.

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